Computer & Network Support Services

Network Infrastructure – Security & Monitoring

We focus on security because your business should be safe and secure from outside visibility. Network Security is paramount in protecting your information from outside eyes. Whether a hacker is trying to gain access from the outside, an employee is abusing their privileges or a trojan or virus is scanning for security holes, your network is vulnerable unless you secure it. If you’re a business in the San Diego area or the Temecula Valley we can help. Network Security in San Diego is as important as it is anywhere else, but the company you choose can be the biggest difference in your ability to have that security.

West Coast Computer Services has got you covered in all areas and since we are one of the best Network Security companies in San Diego you’ll know you made the right choice.

  • Servers and Workstations – Server 2012 & Win 8.1
  • Network Management – Secure Remote Access 
  • VoIP Telephone Systems – Easy integration
  • Enterprise Wireless – Secure but easy access to users
  • Remote Support and Monitoring – 24/7 Coverage
  • Microsoft and Cisco Certified since 1997

Computer Support San Diego

Having the right Computer Support is important when you need service, up to date solutions and support techniques on the fly. Remote Desktop or other online computer support may be all that you need in some instances, however, if your users need more hands on setup, we can provide that too.

Virtual Private Network Setup

We can install a secure internet connection between offices which will allow remote users to access the same network devices and services. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) will allow employees to use office based backup devices, shared drives, computers and printers as if they were at their office desk. Link your offices together securely with a VPN set up by West Coast Support.

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